BIT Pivot Assist Program

How We Work with Businesses

This program is specifically designed to help you navigate your business’s growth path with resiliency and strategic resolve.

We’ve streamlined our Business Intelligence – Standard program to meet you where you are and help you get to where you want to go fast!

Some of the changes we’ve made are:

  • Cut down the time we spend on the front end with business owners getting to know one another, we cut right to the chase,
  • Up to 25 hours are being offered to clients with costs being covered by the Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship,
  • Primary focus is on helping clients uncover their unique value proposition and exploring new markets strategically.

What do I get out of this program?

  • Time to reflect – working ON your business, rather than IN your business,
  • Information not recommendations – our team will go find the best information out there to inform your business decisions,
  • Reports – information on potential new markets, product refinements, strategic adjustments, potential new relationships.

What you will not get:

  • No recommendations, rather concisely compiled research reports that will help you make the best business decisions for the growth of your company,
  • No financial reviews or consulting,
  • No implementation assistance – due to the speed and nature of this program, our team’s focus is getting you the information and you decide the best plan for implementation.

The centerpiece of this technique is the Business Intelligence Team (BIT) – a team of research specialists assigned to work with you to sort out things you need more information about.

The lineup of experts includes:

  • Team Leader: Coordinates all activities and stays connected with you through the process,
  • Market Research Specialist: Gathers strategic and market intelligence,
  • GIS Specialist: Identifies new prospects using geographic-based information – think anything that can be visualized on a map,
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Explores online/mobile/email/social media opportunities and overall digital marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick look at the process and what you should expect after we meet with you:


You fill out a short profile and company survey to help the team get familiar with your company.


An initial call is scheduled between you and the team leader. This call will be about an hour long and will be used to introduce the process and allow the team leader to work with you to identify a couple key issues or areas of interest.


When the BIT has completed assignments, the team leader will schedule a time to review results and set up a final meeting to help you organize the resources collected and consider next steps. Next steps could and should include others you want to get involved from your own team and options provided by the individuals and organizations involved in supporting you in this program.