Business Intelligence Team Program

How We Work with Businesses

When you’re running a business, you have a lot of things to focus on. Two huge priorities are:

  • Increasing revenue (strategic in nature)
  • Decreasing expenses (operational in nature)

This program focuses on the revenue side of the equation. How can we help you access information that helps you make more strategic decisions around increasing revenue?

Business owners say they prefer this program because it fits well into their busy schedules and exposes them to new ideas and high-end tools. Most, if not all, of your work with this team will be done by phone and through secure web tools. This team has been specially trained to engage with companies like yours virtually and to make the most of the short time they are assigned to you.

The centerpiece of this technique is the Business Intelligence Team (BIT) – a team of research specialists assigned to work with you on critical areas of strategy to deliver information that can have the most impact and value to achieve growth for your company.

The lineup of experts includes:

  • Team Leader: Coordinates all activities and stays connected with you through the process,
  • Market Research Specialist: Gathers strategic and market intelligence,
  • GIS Specialist: Identifies new prospects using geographic-based information – think anything that can be visualized on a map,
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Explores online/mobile/email/social media opportunities and overall digital marketing strategy.

The team has a set number of hours, typically about 25 combined, that they can spend on your project and have built their assignments to fit into that timeframe. There is a cost to using this program. Please contact us to review your business needs and receive your custom quote.

General qualifications*:

  • Annual revenue of $500,000+
  • Employee count of at least 10
  • B2B (your customers are other businesses)

*exceptions granted on a case by case basis

Here’s a quick look at the process and what you should expect after we meet with you:


You fill out a short profile and company survey to help the team get familiar with your company.


An initial call is scheduled between you and the team leader. This call will be about an hour long and will be used to introduce the process and allow the team leader to work with you to identify a couple key issues or areas of interest.


When the BIT has completed assignments, the team leader will schedule a time to review results and set up a final meeting to help you organize the resources collected and consider next steps. Next steps could and should include others you want to get involved from your own team and options provided by the individuals and organizations involved in supporting you in this program.

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Melissa Meschke

Melissa Meschke is the Economic Development Outreach Manager for the Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship and Project Manager for the Center for Business Intelligence.

Melissa enjoys working with ESOs and EDOs to expand knowledge of and access to the great resources for entrepreneurs all across the state. She discusses capacity building, especially in the rural areas, in addition to marketing strategies to reach and assist entrepreneurs and work to improve Business Retention and Expansion in an area. She also has access to incredible databases and detailed reports that can speak to funders and investors.