Better information translates into better decisions

Better information translates into better decisions

Business Decisions Backed by Data

We consider high quality information as the new currency of competitive advantage. Business owners often have a difficult time pulling back to work on their company rather than in their company. Using data and targeted research to address important business issues and to discover new opportunities helps business owners gain that new “working on” perspective.

Business Intelligence Services

As an entrepreneur, you make important decisions about the future of your business every day. Let us help you make better informed decisions, backed by data.

Meet the Team

The centerpiece of of our service is the Business Intelligence Team (BIT). A team of research specialists assigned to work with you on critical areas of strategy to deliver information that can have the most impact and value to achieve growth for your company.

Business Data

The Center for Business Intelligence can help business owners and economic developers leverage valuable insights from our longitudinal business database
Data Resources


Local economic development organizations throughout Wisconsin are an important part of the Business Intelligence program. You have relationships with these businesses and they trust you to connect them with valuable resources.

Not only can we help you serve your local businesses, we can also serve you! If your EDO has specific business or market information needs, please reach out!